The basis of great leadership is honourable character and selfless service to your organisation.

Your leadership is everything you do that effects the organisation’s objectives and well-being of people who work within it. Respected leaders concentrate on:

  • what they are (such as their beliefs and character)
  • what they know (such as job, tasks, and human nature)
  • what they do (such as implementing, motivating, and providing direction)

At KAA we take leadership very seriously. This is why we offer fifteen programmes to support you and your organisation, from the smallest Infants school to the largest Secondary school. We understand cutting edge theory and practice around leadership and have designed flexible programmes that reflect this. It is important to us that you and your team will be able to get the best value from the programmes so that your organisation can get the best from you.

KAA’s leadership programmes are not just for the most senior colleagues. There are professional development opportunities available for aspirant and current middle leaders, as well as preparatory courses for those stepping up to senior leadership.

So, if you are a leader wishing to review your own role, prepare appropriately for Ofsted, develop outstanding teachers, embed a creative curriculum, introduce a coaching culture, lead and manage substantial change – and many other things – then KAA can help you. Take a look at our offer and get in touch.

Some examples of the leadership programmes we can offer:

  • Leading Learning from the Middle (with progression route to a Masters in Education)
  • Stepping Up to Senior Leadership
  • Leading for Success
  • Leading for Impact
  • Evaluating and Improving your School
  • Leading a High Performing Team
  • Observing and Improving Learning
  • Creating a Team Culture
  • Outstanding Leadership, Outstanding Learning