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Developing a Positive Organisational Culture


A positive organisational culture develops staff and promotes a sense of belonging and trust enabling openness, collaboration and engagement. Developing such a culture is perhaps the most important leadership task for the senior team of any school.

This 3-day bespoke programme will explore the importance of a positive organisational culture and how key strategies and leadership behaviours can support the development of a truly collaborative and engaged staff team.


  • Exploring practical strategies and techniques for Senior Leaders focusing on developing a positive culture.
  • To consider the importance of culture in organisations and team.
  • To explore strategies to develop a sense of belonging and trust.
  • To identify actions and techniques to improve collaboration and engagement.
  • To create a plan to further develop the culture of your school.

Key areas covered

  • Defining and understanding organisational and team culture;
  • Identifying the central elements of a positive culture;
  • Practical actions to develop a positive culture of belonging, engagement and trust; and
  • Designing a plan to further develop your school culture.

Participants will leave the three-day programme confident, inspired and ready for action.

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