The leading of classroom learning is central to the success of any school. Gone are the days of continuing professional development belonging to just three or four days of huge information-giving meetings throughout the school year.

Teaching programmes at KAA

At KAA we can discuss your needs and contextualise our successful programmes to ensure your teachers are getting what they and the whole organisation requires.

The interrelationships of the main aspects of professional development underpin our teaching programmes. These aspects are:

  • Professional values and personal commitment
  • Professional skills and abilities
  • Professional knowledge and understanding

Our programmes are focused on learning, creativity, assessment, progress and ensuring that every child does indeed matter. We also view the programmes offered here to be potential stepping stones for classroom practitioners to develop their careers.

Here are a taster of the classroom practitioner programmes we can offer:

Behaviour for Learning in the Primary Classroom

Developing Assessment for Learning

Developing Growth Mindsets and Well Being

Differentiation, Assessment and Mastery in Primary

Differentiation, Assessment and Mastery in Secondary

Effective Differentiation in the Primary Classroom

Effective Differentiation in the Secondary Classroom

Confident Mathematicians – How to Achieve Mastery in Maths

Raising Standards in Mathematics

Inspiring Writers – How to Achieve Mastery in Writing

Raising Standards in Writing

Outstanding Classroom Practice in the Primary Classroom

Outstanding Classroom Practice in the Secondary Classroom

Supporting EAL Learners

The Thinking and Questioning Classroom

21st Century Classroom

Using Technology to Raise Attainment

Early Literacy and Phonics in the EYFS

Observing Progress in the EYFS

Outdoor Learning in the EYFS

Outstanding Practice in the EYFS

Play Based Learning in the EYFS

We would be delighted to discuss our offer with you, so get in touch and together we can develop your people.