KAA recognise the power of coaching as both a leadership style and as a classroom strategy. We have designed a range of coaching skills programmes to help you develop techniques and tools to become a confident coach. If you are a beginner or an experienced coach, we have a programme for you.

Examples of Coaching Skills Programmes:

  • Getting started with Coaching
  • Coaching for Impact
  • Advanced Coaching Programme
  • Understanding the DiSC Profile

Senior Team Coaching

If you are a senior leader we can help you embed a coaching culture throughout your school. Change how you offer performance management and feedback to be motivational and inspiring.

Combining psychometric Assessments, coaching and many years of senior leadership experience we bespoke programmes to suit your needs

 Personalised Coaching Services

Or would you like to use the personalised services offered by our outstanding coaches who will work with you one on one to find solutions and help you to improve your leadership.

We are happy to provide personal references from existing and previous clients

 Coaching skills programmes for beginners or advanced skills, or personalised one on one coaching services, contact us to see how KAA can help.