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Coaching for Impact


A three day programme for team, middle and senior leaders who would like to develop their coaching skills. 

This KAA certificated programme  provides participants with the opportunity to explore and develop the key skills required for coaching in a school context.

A range of practical activities will enable the participants to develop understanding, confidence and competence in relation to coaching.

We will explore the skills, qualities and practice required by successful and effective coaches.

Participants will be given opportunities to apply their new skills to classroom coaching to improve teacher performance.


  • To identify and develop the key coaching skills
  • To provide opportunities to practice and develop coaching skills
  • To explore practical techniques for classroom coaching for improving learning and performance
  • The programme will focus on the following key areas
  • the qualities and attributes of effective coaches
  • key skills for coaching
  • coaching practise in pairs and triads 
  • applying coaching skills in the classroom to improve learning and teacher performance.

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