KAA offer a range of practical courses to cover the three main areas of our focus.


Practical courses from KAA

Teaching Assistants, Support Staff, Cover Supervisors, Learning Mentors, Administrative staff and other people working in educational settings are well catered for by a rich offer that has a focus on sustainable professional development rather than one-off, in-service training.

The leading of classroom learning is central to the success of any school. Gone are the days of continuing professional development belonging to just three or four days of huge information-giving meetings throughout the school year.

At KAA we can discuss your needs and contextualise our successful programmes to ensure your teachers are getting what they and the whole organisation requires.

Our programmes are focused on learning, creativity, assessment, progress and ensuring that every child does indeed matter. We also view the programmes offered here to be potential stepping stones for classroom practitioners to develop their careers.

We would be delighted to discuss our offer with you, so get in touch and together we can develop your people.

At KAA we take Leadership very seriously. This is why we offer fifteen programmes to support you and your organisation, from the smallest Infants school to the largest Secondary school. KAA’s Leadership programmes are not just for the most senior colleagues.

There are professional development opportunities available for aspirant and current middle leaders, as well as preparatory courses for those stepping up to senior leadership.