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Stepping Up into Senior Leadership


This programme is personalised to each cohort, taking account of prior knowledge and experience, and extending each participant’s understanding and skills.

This two-day programme explores the opportunities and challenges presented by Senior Leadership. Recent research into effective and successful leadership practices underpins the activities and strategies included in the programme. Participants will have the opportunity to review and extend their leadership learning and will leave the programme, confident and inspired, ready for action.


  • To further develop participants’ knowledge, understanding and skills of leadership and management.
  • To consider current research and excellent practice around key leadership and management activities.
  • To identify practical, creative and motivational approaches to leading and managing in your school.

Key areas covered

  • leading AND managing
  • leading and managing change
  • setting and communicating vision and values
  • knowing and evaluating in your context
  • improving teaching and learning
  • personality types and interaction
  • difficult conversations and accountability
  • leadership styles and skills
  • tools and techniques for strategic planning.

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