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Teaching and Learning Support Assistant Programme


The role of the teaching and learning support assistant is a vital one in the day to day running of a school.

This programme offers essential skills and techniques backed up with cutting edge theory that will enable the support assistants  to do their job with enthusiasm and confidence.

All participants will receive real strategies and resources that they will be able to use to inform and evolve their practice immediately.


  • To explore and clarify the role of the support assistant.
  • To identify key strategies for the positive management of behaviour.
  • To provide proven and practical ideas and techniques for engagement.

Key areas covered

  • making the role credible – building a team
  • understanding  and coping with challenging behaviour
  • getting it covered: The learning classroom
  • creativity with confidence and control
  • engagement strategies
  • building an armoury of quality teaching skills
  • next steps for teaching and learning support assistants

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