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Professionalism for Teaching Assistants


Teaching assistants and support staff across all key stages.

At KAA we passionately believe that all staff should be valued, developed, and challenged. Teaching Assistants are often hugely talented and skilled in their role of supporting deep learning in the classroom and beyond, and yet, they are often overlooked when planning continuous professional development. 

We aim to provide engaging training that inspires colleagues in their daily work and fosters professional approaches to support their effectiveness and positive impact.

Our programme of training modules is aimed at refreshing the practice of experienced Teaching Assistants and will also be a useful induction programme for newly appointed support staff.


  • To understand what we mean by professionalism for Teaching Assistants.
  • To make the links between active professionalism and effectiveness at work.
  • To reflect on good practice.
  • To identify areas of personal and professional strength and areas for growth.

Interested in this Programme?

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