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Managing Difficult Behaviour


This is programme is designed for Teachers, Teaching Assistants or other support staff who work in classes with groups or individuals or who teach intervention groups outside the classroom. It is suitable for those who are newly appointed and those who have been in role for a while and wish to refresh their practice.

Often, TA’s and Support staff work with groups and individuals beyond the classroom – in learning spaces away from the teacher’s supervision. This often means that they are wholly responsible for preparing the learning environment, setting the learning routines and establishing clear expectations for pupils.

It is therefore vital that they are supported as much as possible to set a positive learning environment and to manage pupil behaviour – within their own sphere of specialism and expertise. In doing so, the learning of the pupils is enhanced and their progress is maximised.

Aims of the Programme

  • Recognise that good behaviour supports deeper learning
  • We will understand the importance of our own responses to pupils
  • We will consider strategies for promoting good behaviour
  • We will reflect on our areas of strength and areas for growth

Interested in this Programme?

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