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Embedding a Culture of Coaching in your School - Dubai

Embedding a Culture of Coaching in your School - Dubaisat26octAll Daymon28(All Day) Safa British School, 13th Street, Al Safa 1, Dubai OrganiserKaren Ardley Associates

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Karen Ardley Associates are delighted to be offering our Embedding a Culture of Coaching programme in Dubai in the Autumn term.

Dates: Saturday 26th – Monday 28th October 2024

Location: Safa British School, Dubai


Researchers agree on the potential power of developing staff through ensuring the organisational culture is based on coaching. In a true coaching culture, individuals are supported challenged and developed to be the best versions of themselves. The impact of coaching on both the coachee and the coach is positive and powerful.

This three-day face to face programme provides participants with the opportunity to explore and develop the key skills required for coaching in a school context.

A range of practical activities is blended with an overview of the theoretical basis for coaching effectiveness which will enable the participants to develop insight, confidence and competence in relation to practical coaching with colleagues.

We will explore the skills, qualities and practice required by successful and effective coaches. Participants will be given opportunities to apply their new skills to classroom coaching to improve teacher performance.


Team, middle and senior leaders who would like to develop their coaching skills.


  • To consider the importance of culture in teams and organisations
  • To explore ways to develop a positive culture
  • To identify and develop the key coaching skills.
  • To provide opportunities to practice and develop coaching skills
  • To explore practical techniques for classroom coaching for improving learning and performance


  • Defining and understanding organisational and team culture;
  • Identifying the central principles of a positive culture;
  • Practical actions to develop a positive culture of belonging, engagement and trust;
  • Six principles of coaching;
  • The qualities and attributes of effective coaches;
  • Key skills for coaching;
  • Coaching practice in pairs and triads; and
  • Applying coaching skills in the classroom to improve learning and teacher performance


‘Coaching for Impact programme for 25 of our team – absolutely brilliant. The structure of the programme and David’s delivery was truly engaging. These 3 days have been such a catalyst for deep reflection and evaluation of how I lead and how I coach others’. Nicola Singleton, Whole School Principal, Modern English

‘This programme is hugely confidence building! The practical side of putting theory into practice was very valuable’ Eileen Butler, Raha International School, Abu Dhabi

‘The programme has allowed me to create a bank of experiences and approaches to coaching to empower me and others’. Christine Armstrong, Raha International School, Abu Dhabi

Presenter: Jayne Bennion


october 26 (Saturday) - 28 (Monday)


Safa British School

13th Street, Al Safa 1, Dubai

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3 day programme (26th-28th)

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