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Coaching Skills

Coaching Skillssun26marAll Day(All Day: sunday) St Christopher's International School, Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain

Event Details

A 4-day programme of coaching skills delivered online to the senior leadership team. Designed to reinforce the schools Professional Development Portfolio through the development and use of coaching skills across the professional staff.

The coaching workshops are interactive and highly participatory. Coaching skills are demonstrated, reflected upon, rehearsed and refined.

The KAA Online platform of learning modules will be made available for each participant and affords your people with time and space to dig into coaching from a more theoretical point of view and allows us to utilise the workshop time for practical application. This is because coaching is, in the end about fostering change in another person. It is about their behaviour and their thinking. It is concerned with helping others to make the desired changes in their professional lives. It has the aim of improving the performance of others and also, by extension for the whole school. It involves behavioural insight and through the coaching dialogue affords coachees with the time and space to safely reflect on their own work. Coaching requires accountability and secure knowledge on the part of the coach, given that coaching is an intervention into the professional functioning of another.

Workshop Content

Day 1 and 2

Coaching Fundamentals

  • What is Coaching, What isn’t coaching
  • Six Principles of Coaching
  • Essential Values of Coaching and Mentoring
  • Where Coaching and Mentoring Overlap and where they don’t
  • Developing key coaching skills (questioning, listening, empathy, building rapport, confidentiality, trust)
  • Introducing coaching tools (CLEAR, CIGAR, OSKAR, GROW)

Day 3

Moving Coaching Forward

  • Reviewing the success and challenges of working in a coaching capacity with colleagues
  • Coaching Skills review
  • Introducing new coaching tools
  • Stages of human development
  • Going deeper with questions
  • Coaching leaders
  • What to do when coaching isn’t working

Day 4

Deeper understandings of our coachees

  • Learning and Unlearning
  • Working with people who revert to previous patterns
  • Sustaining change is harder – working to help colleagues sustain their new behaviours
  • Coaching to promote positivity and foster the forces which promote professional growth
  • Coaching to reduce negativity and the forces which hinder our colleagues


All Day (Sunday)


St Christopher's International School

Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain