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39th COBIS Annual Conference

39th COBIS Annual Conferencesat09mayAll Daymon11(All Day) The Intercontiental London - The O2, 1 Waterview Drive Greenwich Peninsula SE10 0TW OrganiserCOBIS

Event Details

KAA are delighted to be once again exhibiting at the COBIS Annual Conference.

39th COBIS Annual Conference: Leading in a Climate of Change

9th-11th May 2020
InterContinental London – The O2
London, UK

David Porritt, KAA’s Director and Lead Consultant will  be delivering an inspiring and thought provoking seminar.

It’s Not All One Way Traffic: The Role of Leadership Coaching in the Change Process

The place and role of coaching has gathered momentum in recent years across COBIS schools. We know that coaching is a powerful mechanism for promoting change. Whilst we already recognise that those who receive coaching are more able to cope with change, this workshop identifies the personal and professional benefits arising for the coach.
David’s doctoral research, conducted over the last 5 years uncovered a range of benefits for school leader’s self-efficacy beliefs and professional learning. Fundamentally, the research in its simplest terms shows that one of the best things we can do to cope with change and foster our own wellbeing, is learn to coach others. Not only does serving others through coaching help coachees, but it also powerfully contributes to leaders’ own learning and development.

Target audience
All professionals working in a leadership role in the education sector who are interested in how change works and are keen to focus on enabling, empowering, emboldening and encouraging others to perform effectively.

Proposed workshop content
Explanation of the background to the workshop and the research question: To what extent does being a coach support school leaders’ self-efficacy and professional agency?
– Overview of the rationale for the research in a climate of considerable change
– Explanation of the findings
– What a Leadership Coaching Model might include
– Discussion around what the findings might mean for COBIS school leaders
– The CIGAR coaching model as a mechanism to develop an action plan for leading change when using coaching skills with staff.


Biography of presenter
David was a Headteacher and Principal for 23 years in the UK, and in COBIS schools. David is a Director at Karen Ardley Associates, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and is a Governor of a COBIS school. David has recently completed a Doctorate in Leadership at UCL: Institute of Education. His research is concerned with exploring how leaders cope with the pressure of leadership and how they cope with the pace of change experienced in modern professional life. His research identified that adopting a coaching approach to leadership has powerful benefits for those who coach in terms of boosting their self-efficacy beliefs and in fostering their Professional Agency. Along with running numerous leadership and coaching programmes for middle, senior and executive leaders, David coaches several clients, helping them to promote desirable and sustainable change.



may 9 (Saturday) - 11 (Monday)


The Intercontiental London - The O2

1 Waterview Drive Greenwich Peninsula SE10 0TW