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Isabelle Arnett

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Isabelle Arnett


Isabelle is an innovative and inspirational teacher, having taught for over 20 years in a Secondary school in the UK where the majority of pupils have EAL. She is continually developing her craft as a teacher, pioneering highly effective strategies for questioning, differentiation and marking assessment and feedback. In her role as a Lead Practitioner, she has shared her knowledge and her infectious passion for teaching and learning, delivering professional development which staff find entertaining, informative and motivational.
Isabelle also leads a highly effective department and has built a successful team who are similarly focused on developing the craft of teaching.
Isabelle has also managed a project disseminating good practice for New to English learners in a group of secondary schools.
Recently Isabelle has been appointed Reading Leader for the Ruth Miskin’s Fresh Start Phonics Programme and works alongside a trainer to lead a new team in the school she is currently working at to close the reading age gaps of learners who come to secondary school with a reading age below 9.5.
Isabelle has successfully delivered numerous outstanding classroom programmes for KAA across Europe.

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