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Ann McPhee


Ann McPhee


Ann is passionate about learning, the leadership of learning and teaching. She is values driven, committed to working with integrity, and building trust with those she works with. She is a successful corporate and educational strategic leader, having led, managed or supported the integration of schools world-wide; North America, Latin, Central and South America, UAE, Libya and the UK. She has served on Executive Boards of large, educational companies in the Middle East, Hong Kong and London as well as Chaired Foundation Boards in Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, UAE, Qatar and Brazil.

Strategic and operational responsibilities have encompassed Principal/Head of School leadership, recruitment of exceptional school leaders, support for the growth of learning alongside growing schools’ profitability and capacity. Coaching leaders and mentoring those in new leadership positions is a strength.

Ann’s work has encompassed public and private schools and organisations. She has served as a Director of Education in the UK, the Middle East and in North America demonstrating a deep knowledge of the English and American National Curricula, IB, quality teaching standards, alongside a commitment to supporting and safeguarding the wellbeing of staff and students.  

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