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Stepping up to Senior Leadership – Part 1

This module has been designed for leaders who have recently been appointed to a whole school or senior leadership role. It is also useful for leaders who have been in a senior leadership position for sometime and would like to review and reflect on their current performance.

However long you have been in your role, we think there will be plenty of useful information, opportunities to reflect and plan, and some really good ideas for you in this module.

We’ll check how strategically you are thinking and planning, give you a self-assessment task about your leadership competences and share some great ideas for improving your leadership behaviours. It will help you develop a whole school perspective and increase the positive impact of your leadership.

Module Objectives for Stepping Up into Senior Leadership

  • To extend your knowledge and understanding about leadership and management
  • To consider current research and excellent practice around key leadership and management activities
  • We will identify practical, creative and motivational approaches to leading and managing in your school

£175.00 for 1 year

This Module includes: