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Reactive teaching in the Primary Classroom

The module focuses on reactive teaching. Before completing this module, it is recommended that you first complete ‘Planning for Success within Primary Teaching and Learning

The ideas and topics within this module will look at the teaching and learning cycle;  planning, teaching and assessment but will predominantly focus on assessment, and how to use this to inform teaching in order to create a ‘reactive classroom’.  It will focus on improving your own understanding of the role assessment plays in both the short and long term success of learning in the classroom, before exploring how this should be used to inform your teaching.


The objectives of this module on reactive teaching and learning are:

  • To deepen understanding of what we mean by reactive teaching
  • To extend your knowledge and explore examples of effective practice, systems and processes which can be implemented around the child
  • To develop your own ideas of how to implement reactive teaching within your classroom

£125.00 for 1 year

This Module includes: