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One to One Learning Support

This module is for anyone who finds themselves working one to one with children or young people, either in a school setting or outside school, to support learning. It provides a range of techniques which can be applied in a wide range of circumstances including, but not restricted to, learning difficulties, behavioural difficulties causing a barrier to learning, those who have debilitating illnesses, or those who are learning from home, such as during the pandemic lockdown.

It is applicable to parents, Teaching Assistants and Early Career Teachers or indeed anyone who is willing to support a child or young person to gain a better understanding for learning.

Learning Objectives

  • To outline possible optimum arrangements in order to maximise learning
  • To describe how best to support learning, regardless of age or circumstance
  • To provide a range of one to one support techniques applicable to any age, in any setting, both in school and at home

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Develop a working environment in which optimum 1-1 learning may take place,
  • Know the  key elements in learning by which to structure future 1-1 learning support lessons
  • Have a range of techniques to support learning which may be applied in any 1-1 learning scenario.

£125.00 / year

This Module includes: