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CPD in the pandemic era

The global pandemic has provided a catalyst for KAA to design and develop different models for effective professional learning.

Some of the emerging outcomes and benefits are:

  1. Increased accessibility (no travel required, flexible timings, recorded sessions can be accessed and revisited to suit participants, less teaching cover required, participants able to access from home etc)
  2. More flexible approaches including self-study, remote facilitation, programmes offered with intersessional breaks to allow for practical tasks and study, use of improved technology (breakout rooms, chat, whiteboards etc)
  3. Wider collaboration, world-wide, from more participants and facilitators in different countries for example input from USA, UK, Europe for participants from Japan, Egypt, Hong Kong, England, China
  4. Economical considerations have enabled more schools to offer more opportunities for professional learning (no travel or accommodation costs)
  5. KAA Online has created a community of schools developing sustainable approaches to the provision of high-quality professional learning
  6. Many schools recognise the benefits of coaching, both one to one services and the development of coaching skills and demand is increasing
  7. Much evaluative feedback points to the success of remotely facilitated blended learning and highlights positive responses from school leaders and participants.
Karen Ardley
Karen Ardley