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An Ideas poem

One of the delegates on the recent COBIS KAA Middle Leader programme at British School of Brussels wrote a wonderful poem about her experiences on the Leading Learning from the Middle Programme.

Here it is…..

Thinking Outside The Box – An Ideas Poem


I’m beginning my day

By eating my frog

I was given an ideas sheet

But then it got lost

“Think out of the box!”

Was what we were told

For some this is easy

For others it’s not

Now you see I’m not ‘creative’

And no good at doodles

I need to sit back

And let ideas flow

Knowing these look like words

Not glitter nor rainbows


So let’s start at day 1

The place it began

I’ll look through my pink post-its

And pick some things out


I hoped for new ideas and motivation

I reflected on people

Specifically me

Exactly who is the leader

I wish to be?

Maintain optimism

And positivity

Mr Richard you are the one

I wish to be

For you always had time

for everybody


Know thy impact

Is what Hattie said

We’re all magic weavers

In this teaching business

Now on to Ben Zanders

And rule number 6

Give everyone an A

And make their eyes shine


On to day 2

And my star post-it notes…

Developing my team

Our vision and aims

Let’s review things together

And learn from the best

Let’s become coaches and mentors

There’s no time to rest!


It’s now back to Hattie

We’re here on day 3

(I’ll admit this is Saturday

And I’m not sure this is me)

But Hattie convinces me

as he always does

It’s about feedback

credibility and expectations

Now put this into practice

And let’s make a list

What is okay and requires some help

What is fabulous outstanding

Making us not want to stop


We are finally here

We’re onto day 4

Presented with challenges


Planning and more

But I’m afraid this poem

Now has to stop

There’s a ten minute presentation

Which requires some thought


So thank you Karen

For all you have done

Let’s end this process

where we began

It’s started and ended

all in the same place

With new ideas and motivation

And a hope one day

that I will become

The leader and teacher

I wish to be

Knowing that process

all begins with me


By: Clair Draper

Participant on the COBIS Brussels Middle Leader Programme, Feb 2016

Kate Beetlestone
Kate Beetlestone

Kate Beetlestone is an experienced and highly successful business manager and external business project leader.